Cloud migration

Choosing the Cloud with AWS changes the way of working and thinking. Our AWS Certified Architects will help you do the transition in the best conditions possible. Our focus is to execute a perfectly smooth migration, as we would rather have our DevOps working on new functionalities and managed services for the needs of the developers. We show the best practices on security, scalability and high availability. The only goal: the shortest path to the Cloud.

AWS Certified Architects

Corexpert is a proud AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. This highly valued status is awarded to the leading Cloud companies, with a solid experience in deploying clients solutions on AWS, a team of certified and trained consultatns, expertise in project management, and which invest their best efforts in the use of AWS.
We know the AWS Cloud, and can help you pull out the best of everything the world wide Cloud leader has to offer.

Support & Advice

Our expertise goes from high-tech Cloud architecture design to Cloud environment management. We put all our efforts into providing the most secure, scalable and highly available services to our clients, using AWS.
We provide AWS Certified Architects, specialists of designing and maintaining strategic solutions, for your needs in architecture and Cloud development, so you can focus on your clients and your business.

Our capabilities

AWS Well-Architected

Integrate the 5 pillars of success for a resilient, efficient and secure architecture.


AWS offers a wide range of resources to migrate and optimize an SAP certified cloud environment.

DevOps practices

At Corexpert, DevOps is at the heart of our business. Our architects and developers use the DevOps approach to facilitate agility, communication and reliability in every project.

End User Computing

End User Computing is an approache to computing that aim to better integrate end users into the computing environment.

Amazon AppStream 2.0

With Amazon AppStream 2.0, your applications can be accessed directly within a web browser. Secure and pay-as-you-go, all infrastructure is managed by AWS.

Amazon WorkSpaces

A virtual desktop available all around the world and on many devices. Amazon WorkSpaces facilitates the mobility and accessibility of a workspace for everyone.

AWS Advanced Analytics

Mobilize Artificial Intelligence within your production environments to ensure an optimal and secure quality of service.

Amazon Rekognition

Identify, analyze and filter your images and videos quickly and easily: recognition of objects, people, text or activities as well as detection of any inappropriate content.

Amazon SageMaker

Facilitate the integration of Machine Learning within your company. With Amazon SageMaker, train and deploy a learning model quickly.

AWS Lambda

Execute code without bothering about servers. Only pay for the consumed compute time. With AWS Lambda, you can execute code without starting and administrating servers.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is a relatively new addition to the range of storage services offered on the AWS platform, but not the least! To say that we have been waiting for it for a long time

Migration Practice

Corexpert's Cloud Migration practice helps companies move their existing workloads to the cloud, optimizing the migration strategy to meet business requirements.