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Ever wanted to offer your business applications directly to an internet browser?
Do you want a powerful graphical computing and rendering environment directly accessible?
AppStream 2.0 increases the possibilities while providing a secure, efficient and scalable environment for your users.

Test yourself Amazon AppStream 2.0 !

Want to know more about the fluidity, performance and accessibility of the service?

We have builded a portal of applications where you can test and experiment with Amazon AppStream 2.0 !

Ask an access to the portal !

Maximal security

No data is retained on user computers and on AWS servers. Each streaming session is unique and is terminated after use.


The applications are stream in an Internet browser and from any computer (Mac, PC, Chromebook). You don’t need anymore specific virtual machine for accessing your application.

Corexpert, AWS Preferred Partner

As the only privileged partner of AWS in France and one of the first in Europe, Corexpert deploys and integrates many applications within the AppStream 2.0 service. We are able to guide you on all your issues ranging from business applications to 3D rendering.