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DevOps is a cultural and technical approach based on agile principles aimed at strengthening collaboration between business, development, operations and quality assurance teams in order to deliver software on an ongoing basis. In a DevOps approach, development and operations teams collaborate fully and can even merge. These teams work throughout the application lifecycle with a focus on maintenance, automation and solution monitoring.
At Corexpert, the DevOps approach is put forward to guarantee a high level of performance, reliability and know-how. AWS also offers many services promoting the DevOps approach.

Some benefits of a DevOps approach

Integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD): gain of competitiveness thanks to easier publication of new versions of applications and accelerated bug fixes

Increased automation: increased reliability, security and productivity with automatic checks and tests.

Improved internal communication: supervision thanks to accessible dashboards for all teams

DevOps on AWS

CI/CD: AWS provides a list of tools, AWS CodeStar, to easily develop, build, and deploy your applications on AWS.

Microservices: Use Dockers and serverless containers to run your applications or code.

Infrastructure as a code: Set up and manage your infrastructure directly using code and templates.

Supervision: follow the activity of your APIs as well as your network in near real time and set alarms and answers to problems.

DevOps with Corexpert

At Corexpert, DevOps is at the heart of our business. Our architects and developers use DevOps approach to facilitate agility, communication and reliability in every project.
Our know-how is not limited to AWS tools alone, our team is experienced on the main CI/CD or supervision platforms.