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Artificial Intelligence and in particular machine learning will revolutionize the way we work and optimize tasks. The substitution of tedious or uncomplicated operations by the AI facilitate a better engagement of operators on tasks with high added value while ensuring optimal quality control.
At Corexpert and TeamWork, we carry out your innovative project around AI from start to end. With your team, we develop a model that reaches the fixed KPIs and industrialize its deployment and maintenance in a production context. Our IA experts will train your employees to master your intellectual property.

Corexpert & TeamWork expertise

We are able to accompany you on your project from the design of the model to the training of your team. We will assist you in setting up and producing your solution.

Use case of machine learning for an advertising issue with Watiz

Industrial Internet of Things

Uncover the potential of your business data to modernize and increase the productivity of your production tool. Specialists of IoT in an industrial context, we optimize your manufacturing process, maintenance, traceability or authentication. Our successful customers in the metalurgy, automotive, agriculture and luxury sectors are testimony to our expertise.

Amazon Rekognition

Our experts will help you identify and analyze your images and videos. With Amazon Rekognition, you’ll be able to easily recognize objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect inappropriate content.

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Amazon Sagemaker

Our experts work with the highly available and powerful Amazon SageMaker Managed Service to quickly deliver a learning model specific to your needs.

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